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Opening New Conversations on Food at the Yale Landscape Lab

ucked away on a wooded plot on West Campus, the serene beauty of the Landscape Lab is a far cry, and a shuttle ride away, from the gothic architecture and busy streets of Yale’s downtown campus.

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How We’re Building Risk-Taking and Resilience into our Work

One of CITY’s key objectives is to foster skills in risk-taking and resilience among our students. The importance of risk-taking and learning from failure is a familiar refrain in innovation and entrepreneurship circles…

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New Collaborative at Yale Seeks to Elevate Social Entrepreneurship

A new collaborative on campus is formalizing a growing trend at Yale – the rise in social entrepreneurship…

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Down on the Urban Farm

Last fall, in a kitchen at Yale’s West Campus, a group of internal medicine residents took on a cooking challenge, Iron Chef style…

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Seven Miles to Heaven

The timber barn, adjacent to an agroforestry orchard, is built with wood from the Yale Forest, and serves as the site for courses, workshops and gatherings…

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Nursing Students Connect to the West Campus Landscape, and Themselves, for Patient Care

Learning about food systems, food security, and one’s own relationship with growing, cooking and advocating for healthy food is beyond what many think of as typical training for nurses…


Nursing the farm: growing experts on women’s health & nutrition

Justin Freiberg, manager of the Yale West Campus Urban Farm, and Yale School of Nursing professors Cecilia Jevitt and Gina Novick discuss their collaboration..

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From Sourdough to Kimchi, Students Explore the World of Fermentation

Over four three-hour sessions this fall, the Fermentation Intensive gave students a hands-on introduction to the process that’s behind sourdough, kimchi, beer, and much more…

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University Landscapes:
An Opportunity for Agroforestry

What does a university landscape look like? What does it feel like? And what does it accomplish?…

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Yale students seed sustainable solutions across the campus landscape

Students from across Yale will kick off the next generation of landscape-shifting sustainability projects at the University’s West Campus this spring…

Yale scientists probe “magical” royal jelly for possible clues to control cancer

Royal jelly, or milky-white “bee milk,” has long been known for its mysterious growth effects on future queen honey bees, while also hailed by some as an anti-aging, cholesterol-lowering super supplement…

China - Yale Healthy Cities Leadership Program at West Campus

A delegation of twenty-five mayors and provincial leaders visited West Campus Thursday as part of the week-long Yale-China Healthy Cities executive leadership program…

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Yale student creates his own path through the campus landscape

Ryan Simpson (Yale College ’17) was one of the first students to sense a new opportunity for experimentation and learning on the vast 136 acres of West Campus’ natural landscape…

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Yale Nursing students create menu for better community health

Part of the Community Health Nursing and Public Health course for students in the first year of the Graduate Entry Prespecialty in Nursing (GEPN) program…

Sustainability on show for Yale’s Founders Day

The Yale community gathered Wednesday at West Campus to celebrate Founders Day and learn about the contribution the campus is making to the University’s new Sustainability Plan

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Yale GrassX Competition Invites
Student Support for Native Pollinators

The Yale Landscape Lab and the F&ES–based Ucross High Plains Stewardship Initiative (UHPSI) have partnered for GrassX — a new Experimental Grassland Competition that invites Yale students to explore ideas to promote grassland management systems, native pollinators, and local ecosystems…

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Tsai CITY hosts workshops on fermentation

What does fermentation have in common with the community?..

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Celebrating maple at the Yale Landscape Lab

The Yale community gathered on Friday, April 15 at the newly constructed West Campus barn for Celebrating Maple: foodways, forests and climate change…

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New Farm Sprouts on Yale’s West Campus

Yale’s West Campus is growing something new this year, and Yale University is thus proudly adding its second campus farm…

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The Learning Farm

It’s a drizzly Sunday afternoon, but school’s still in session at the West Campus Urban Farm…

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Something Wiki this way comes — to West Campus

Students from the Yale Forestry & Environmental Studies and staff members collaborated to create a Wikihouse at the Yale West Campus Urban Farm…

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Divinity School student finds artistic inspiration at Yale’s Landscape Lab

Ernst ’18 M.A.R., a student in Yale Divinity School’s new religion and ecology program, channels her spirituality and devotion to the natural world into making art…